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The first digital device to help divers learn and improve equalizing

How it works

  • Connect the EQ-Tool to your mobile device
  • Adjust the nose ball in one of the four possible positions
  • Set equalization thresholds and times
  • Place the device on one nostril, plug the other nostril and start to equalize


EQ-Tool Plus allows you to learn how to manage the volume of air you use to equalize. By using the new valve system, you can vary easier the effort you make to suit your needs and progress.





UBA Project:如何確定潛水員在耳壓平衡中建立的壓力值成為自由潛水運動中的重要研究方向。来自意大利的UBA Project公司於這項研究的領先地位,研發了基於高靈敏度氣壓監測單元的鼻腔氣壓監測系统,搭實用穩定的無線通信技術,配合簡明的手機APP,成為一套高精度、高可靠性、簡單易用、輕便小巧的耳壓平衡學習和訓練工具。



EQ Tool 耳壓平衡效率檢測工具

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